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Are you interested in understanding how your daily lifestyle choices, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, and environment affect the health of your breasts?  The Breast Health Foundation brings you the latest research and information to answer these, and other, vital breast health questions. Established in New Zealand in 2010, the Breast Health ...

Breast Health - A New Conversation

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Access to the most up to date breast health information and research including: nutrition as medicine the role of lifestyle in keeping you well (exercise, stress reduction, etc.) The role of thoughts and ...

Breast Health Awareness

Breast Health Awareness

Being breast health aware means being familiar with how your breasts look and feel, whatever your age. Your breasts may change at different times during the month and as you ...

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Breast Health – Your Life is in your hands

One in nine New Zealand women is now being diagnosed with breast cancer.   Last year women 2300 faced the shock of this diagnosis, and 650 died from this disease. Much of the breast cancer awareness ...


Breast Feeding Benefits from Top to Bottom

Breastfeeding is good for every part of baby's body--from the brain to the diaper area. Brain: Higher IQ in breastfed children. Cholesterol and other types of fat in human milk support ...


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do synthetic hormones such as the oral contraceptive pill and HRT increase your risk of breast cancer? This question has stimulated controversy and debate for decades. A number of studies have ...

Healthy nutritious diet

What do you know about the importance of diet?

Courtesy of John Appleton – March 2005 Download files for this article: Importance of Diet